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Trestleboard of Designs

Stated Meeting – Wednesday, June 4th at 7:30PM

Other Events

  • July 17-19 Rocky Mountain Masonic Conference
  • July TBA – Table Lodge
  • August 27 – HTA Meeting
  • August 31 – Pool Party – See below
  • September 3 – Stated Meeting
  • September 6 – Grand Lodge Festive board

Summer Work

For any of the Summer Work items, please RSVP to the Secretary.

  • 6/22
    • Concrete Ramp for a Brother
  • 6/28-6/29
    • Remove and replace existing sound system throughout lodge building
  • 7/12
    • Additional work on new sound system
  • 8/31 Summer Pool Party
    • Join us at the end of summer on the strip for a pool party and BBQ
      • Open to all Masons and their families.
      • Several pools and Jacuzzi
      • Lifeguards and infant pool
      • Pool side and Patio BBQ areas
        • Sunday August 31st
        • Pools open 8am-8pm
        • BBQ 12noon-7pm
        • Cocktails after 5pm
The Jewel worn by the Master of the Lodge. The Square.


The work is going forward. In May we had a GMOV to be proud of. Our masonic education was attended by two Past Grand Masters. We have had several charitable opportunities that were welcomed with earnest gratitude. The degree work continues to strengthen the brotherhood. But the Summer is already upon us. As we take the time to enjoy Summer with our families, let us pause from time to time to read a little, maybe learn a new part or two, and seek opportunities to do charity work, lift a brother, and live the tenants we hold dear. Let us come back healthy, eager, and ready to shine for the second half of the year.


Keir Hales

Worshipful Master

The chairs in the west, with jewels and aprons waiting.

Greetings from the west …..

I hope everyone enjoyed the Grand Masters Official Visitation as much as I did! The Grand Master’s message was timely, and as our Lodge prepares to go “dark” for summer, we will have ample time to reflect upon it in greater depth. For many of us summer months are a time for vacations and spending time with our families, but, it also an excellent opportunity to practice our craft work and learn the memory work we rely upon so heavily. I would ask every brother to commit to spending some time learning a new part of the ritual. Every Brother can bring much needed relief to degree work by memorizing a single piece of a degree. In closing, I pray all of you enjoy a safe and productive summer filled with enjoyment.


Patrick Welsh

Senior Warden

The chairs in the South, with jewels, aprons, rods, pillars, and gavel.

Greetings from the South,

The first half of this year has been a busy time both at home and in lodge. I look forward to using the summer months to relax and re-energize myself and I encourage all of you to do the same. For all the brothers in line or anyone wanting to be a part of degrees, also take this time to sharpen your skills or increase your volume of expertise. The more you know, the more you can be used to bring brothers into the light. Finally, don’t forget we are starting meals during our stated meetings. This month we will be doing grilled chicken with various sides. Thank you for allowing me to be your Junior Warden and I look forward seeing everyone in lodge.


Eric Holder

Junior Warden

The Secretary's Jewel


Hello everyone, hope the spring was good to you and the arrival of summer is finding you happy and healthy. We have several summer opportunities to volunteer and have fellowship with the brethren. The first is an opportunity to assist by offering labor as we provide a brother with an improved quality of life. It is an outdoor project and will likely be quite warm as we pour and finish a concrete ramp. We will provide water.

Then at the end of the month we will begin a project to upgrade the sound system within the lodge. This project requires labor and ladders. It will be indoor and likely take several guys for the weekend. Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Finally, and at the end of summer is the 4th annual Summer BBQ/Pool Party on the strip. I will be needing help in set up and tear down of this event. Please call and pledge your support to one or all of these events.


Mike Harris PM


Two hands reaching out

Volunteers are needed to help one of our own. On Sunday, June 22nd, from around 7 to 11 AM, we are going to be doing some  work at a Brother’s house so he can access his backyard.

Any Brothers who are interested, please contact W Mike Harris, Secretary. You may email him with this address.

Holy Bible, Square, and Compass, arranged for the second degree in the Book of Amos.

Mt Moriah #39 will open on Wednesday evening at 7 PM on the Second Degree of Freemasonry to confer a Fellowcraft Degree on Bro. Gale Fulton. Members and visiting Brethren are welcome!

Trestleboard of Designs
  • The Fellowcraft Degree originally set for May 21 has been rescheduled to May 28.
  • On May 21, we will have a lecture on Masonic Influences at Rosslyn Chapel. Additionally, Brother Lou Castle will be giving a lecture on Freemasonry. The Lodge will not be opened on a degree of Freemasonry, so all members and friends are welcome!