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Trestleboard of Designs

Upcoming Events for September

  • 9/3- Dinner at 6:30, Stated Meeting 7:30pm
  • 9/10- Family Dinner 6pm
  • 9/17- Masonic Education
  • 9/24- HTA Meeting 6pm
The Worshipful Master's Gavel

Hope everyone had a great summer. Looking forward to the end of the year education and degree work. Remember Brothers, My phone number is listed should you have questions or complaints, Call anytime day or night and I will do my very best to resolve the issue.

Keir Hales
Worshipful Master

The chairs in the west, with jewels and aprons waiting.

As you know for quite some time now we have been assisting those less fortunate than ourselves throughout our community and I would like to see that continue. Please bring your canned goods and coats or blankets to our family dinner in September and I will see they get distributed. If you have ideas for other outreach programs or if you want to assist in degree work, Please give me a call.


Pat Welsh
Senior Warden

The chairs in the South, with jewels and aprons waiting.

Greetings from the South


I hope your summer was as awesome as mine. As you may or may not know, we are now serving dinner before the stated for brothers that come to the meetings and still holding our family dinners as usual, Please join us. If you care to create a menu for one of the remaining dinners or just want to help in the kitchen, you are encouraged to give me a call at the number listed.

Eric Holder
Junior Warden

Thanks to all who came out to assist in the remodel work of summer, we now have a new looking lounge area and a P.A system throughout the building.

Thanks to all who came to or are planning to come to the end of summer BBQ and Pool party, I love throwing it.

Please note that the previous commentaries of officers were provided via my pen and in no way reflect the opinions or recommendations of said officers. If you are late on your dues, please remit or call to let me know as soon as possible.

Mike Harris