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Masonic Square and Compass Pendant

Reservations are now being accepted for the Nevada Masonry Sesquicentennial Dinner.

The Las Vegas dinner will be held on Saturday, January 24, 2015 at the Orleans Hotel.

  • Reception – 6 pm
  • Banquet – 7 pm
  • Program – 8 pm

The event is open to all Masons, Ladies and Guests. Registration forms can be found here.

Trestleboard of Designs

November 2014

11/5 Stated Meeting 7:30pm
11/19 Thanksgiving Family Dinner 6pm
11/26 HTA 6PM

December 2014

12/3 Stated Meeting 7:30pm
12/10 Education Lecture By Keir Hales 7pm
12/13 Installation of Officers for 2015 at 11 AM
12/17 Christmas Family Dinner 6pm

Birthday Cake

John Vinski 11/1
Duane Laubach PGM 11/2
Skip Neel 11/5
Anthony York 11/5
Woodroe Porter 11/11
Mike Hoaglin PGM 11/16
Scott Gruber 11/18
Walter Carr 11/19
Jason Healy 11/20
Howard Smith 11/22
Robert Calzaretta 11/29
Dirk Richwine 11/30
Bill Brzezinski PM 12/14
Douglas Plunkett 12/16
Paul Rizor PM 12/24
Charles Deemer 12/28
Chaz Wellington 12/28
Thomas Youmans 12/29
Darren Beadle 12/31

The Worshipful Master's Station in the East with Jewel, Apron, and Gavel.

From the East


At the beginning of the year, I felt quite overwhelmed with my new responsibility as the Worshipful Master. Past masters consoled me by saying how quickly the year would go by, and indeed it has. I have been submitting entries to the trestle board for three years now, and this will be my last Trestle board entry. I need to thank every one in the lodge for their help and support throughout the year, as we have all endeavored to make Mt Moriah a remarkable lodge to be a part of. Wise direction from the navigators in the North, and eager rowing from the West and South, have made the job of captain of the ship from the East both a pleasure and an honor.

As we go headlong into the busy celebration season of the year, may we do so armed with the three tenants of Masonry, which are, Friendship, Morality and Brotherly love. For the real message of the season is Charity in our deeds and always remembering our brothers in our devotions to deity in our hearts.

So Mote it Be
Keir Hales
Worshipful Master

The chairs in the west, with jewels and aprons waiting.

From the West


Hello Brethren! The Fall weather is upon us and I freely admit that this is my favorite time of the year. I wait with anticipation for the baking pies, roasting meat and time with family and friends that will make fond memories. We are still collecting donations for our local food banks warm clothing and non-perishable food items are always in need by those less fortunate than ourselves. Should a brother who cannot make it to Lodge like to contribute to our efforts, please contact the S.W., J.W. or S.D. our contact information is in the Trestle Board.

In closing, our annual meeting is upon us once again. Let us remember our Brothers in prayer while we are making important decisions regarding our Fraternity


Pat Welsh
Senior Warden

The chairs in the South, with jewels, aprons, rods, pillars, and gavel.

Greetings from the South


November is a month of giving thanks to all of those that have helped you, supported you, or brought joy into your life. This month we will be celebrating our Thanksgiving dinner on the 19th. The Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, and I will be providing the three main meat choices for the dinner. The rest of the dinner will be potluck. Please let me know what you plan on bringing so we can balance out the spread.

Again, thank you for allowing me to be your JW this past year and I hope to keep serving you in every way. December also brings our Holiday Dinner and annual visit of Santa as we celebrate Christmas and gift giving to the children and grandchildren of our lodge brothers. So that Santa is prepared, please call me and let me know how many children of your family may be present. Thank You.

Eric Holder
Junior Warden


Well another year has come and is nearly gone. I am thankful for all of you. The brethren who attend lodge regularly as well as those who stay home. The ones I see weekly and the ones I catch on the phone once a year. Those that help in everything we do and those that have complaints all year long, you all make it a better lodge. I know some think one thing or another can be done better but I offer you this; every year is different, every year has unique challenges you may be completely in the dark about, however somehow each year we manage through our difficulties, regardless of how imperfect it may look, it is how it is meant to be. Have faith my brethren in your brothers elect and appointed, keep supporting regardless of how you do it.

You are part of that perfect imperfection.

Happy Holidays, hope to see and talk to you all soon.

Mike Harris

This Wednesday, November 19th, will be the family dinner at Mt Moriah #39. Meats will be provided by the principal officers and everything else is pot luck! Dinner will start around 6:30.

Marking the Calendar

On Wednesday, November 12th the lodge will be meeting for fellowship and conversation. Depending on turnout, the lodge may open.

Family dinner will be on Wednesday, November 19th. It will be a Thanksgiving-style dinner. The principle officers will be providing the meat entrees and the rest will be pot luck. Everyone is welcome!

Image of the Master's Gavel

Mount Moriah #39 will hold it’s stated meeting this Wednesday, 11/5, at 7:30. Dinner will be served before the meeting.