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Antique Square and Compass on a white background

Mt Moriah #39 will have our stated meeting this Wednesday, March 4th at 7:30. A fine dinner, put on the Junior Warden, will commence beforehand at 6:30. The Lodge will open on the first degree of Freemasonry. All Brothers and visiting Brothers are welcome!

Freemason's Hall in London, UK

Take a wonderful photo tour of Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden in the UK. Beautiful! Click here for a link.

Picture of a gavel

Greetings from the East,

I want to thank all the Brothers who took part in our Fellow Craft Degree in February, also to all who attended our George Washington Observance.

Food, Family and Fellowship…… My Brothers, in a word, Masonry.

March brings us tour Widow’s Dinner and I sincerely hope we have an opportunity to serve as many of our extended family as possible, thereby allowing us to honor our departed brethren and our obligation. I hope to see all of you at some time during March.

In closing, if anyone would like to attend an evening but requires assistance to travel please contact me or any Officer so we can arrange to get you to Lodge and back home. Yours in Masonry,

Patrick Welsh

The chairs in the west, with jewels and aprons waiting.


This past month we performed a great Fellowcraft degree. We will be having more degrees coming up soon and I hope all officers are preparing for their parts.
If anyone is in need of some extra help, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Worshipful Chuck our DGL.
I will be arriving at lodge at least an hour early each Wednesday night for anyone wanting to practice their footwork or lines.
Also, for those that wish to step up and perform a part for a chair ahead of them please let me know. It is always a good idea to be ready to move up. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful March and I look forward to seeing everyone in Lodge.

On the Level,
Eric Holder

The chairs in the South, with jewels, aprons, rods, pillars, and gavel.


I take part of my communication this month to share my concept of our – “Food and Fellowship events.”  Everybody gets the food part.  So, what is the fellowship part?  My use of the word is a friendly relationship, interaction, exchange, or camaraderie among people who share similar interests or feelings. In other words sharing a moment in time with brothers you know and those from afar.

On  March 4  at 6:30, I will be serving BBQ shredded chicken, chips, salad and dessert.

This month’s Family Dinner will be Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, vegetables, salad, and dessert.

I hope you can join us in March as we looking forward to great fellowship.

Tony York
Junior Warden

March is here already and the year is off to a great start, as I watch our officer line move forward with great ritual work, and lots of energy, I am excited to see what we accomplish as a lodge in the next few years. Come on down and help make lodge a great place to spend time with brothers.

Also for this months family dinner we will be delivering meals to widows unable to make it in as well as brothers who may be unable to make it for whatever reason. If you are a brother living in the area and are simply not able to make it to dinner but would like to visit with your brothers over a nice meal, please contact me and we will make it happen. If you’re an active brother and able to help deliver food for that purpose, please contact me so we may be able to split up and serve all those we can.

Mike Harris

Trestleboard of Designs
  • Wednesday, February 25
    • Opening on the Third Degree
    • Nevada 150th Sesquicentennial Commemoration
  • Wednesday, March 4
    • Dinner at 6:30
    • Stated Meeting 7:30
    • Open on the First Degree
  • Wednesday, March 11
    • Education at 7:00
    • Open on the Second Degree
  • Wednesday, March 18
    • Special Dinner in Honor of Masonic Widows
    • Dinner starts at 6:30
    • All Brothers, Ladies, Widows, & Friends are welcome.
  • Wednesday, March 25
    • HTA Meeting at 6:00
    • Education at 7:00
    • Open on the Third Degree


Picture of Statue of George Washington

The Wednesday, 2/18 at 6:30, Mt. Moriah #39 will host the annual George Washington Memorial Dinner.

Mt. Moriah and Acacia Lodge alternate hosting this event each year. So come on down and enjoy the fine feast that the Junior Warden will have prepared for us. Guests from our friends at the Eastern Stars will also be present, so a large turnout is expected!

Brothers, ladies, and invited guests are welcome!

To whet your appetites, here is a sample of what’s on the menu.

Image of a pot roast cooking on the stove.

The Junior Warden has been cooking up a storm for the dinner.

Holy Bible, Square, and Compass, arranged for the second degree in the Book of Amos.

Next Wednesday at 7PM, Mt. Moriah #39 will confer a Fellowcraft Degree. Come on out and support our Brother as he advances in Masonry!