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On Wednesday 4/29 at 7 PM Mount Moriah #39 will open on the Master Mason degree to hear third degree proficiencies from two Brothers.

Come on down and support our two new Master Masons!

Picture of a Microphone

On Wednesday, April 22nd, Mt Moriah #39 will open at 7PM on the Second Degree of Freemasonry.

Two events are on the schedule:

  • A lecture by Brother Holder on education in Southern Nevada
  • A Fellowcraft proficiency will be delivered

All Brothers and visiting Brothers are welcome!

On Saturday May 2nd the Southern Nevada Masters and Warden’s Association will confer a Master Mason Degree under the charter of Nellis Lodge #46. Speak with your Lodge Wardens for more information!

Image of a baseball

On Monday, April 20th, the Southern Nevada Masters and Warden’s Association will hold a Baseball Night with the 51s.

  • Tailgating at 5
  • Game commences at 7:05

Tickets are $11 each. Contact your lodge Wardens for more information!

Mt Moriah will host our family dinner this Wednesday, 4/15, at 6:30. Come on down and see what delights the Junior Warden has in store for us!

Holy Bible, Square, and Compass, arranged for the first degree on Psalm 133.

Mt Moriah #39 will open this Wednesday, April 8th for the Grand Lodge visit at 7. The Junior Warden will be serving hamburgers and french fries at 6 so come on down and support the lodge during our Grand Lodge visit!

The Worshipful Master's Station in the East with Jewel, Apron, and Gavel.


My Brothers, as we speed into April the symbolism of the Hourglass rests firmly upon my mind. Our Widows Appreciation Dinner was a great success and I want to thank all who participated. The Delinquency Committee has been busy contacting Brothers to say hello and check on their welfare. We are still working on finding a service opportunity that we can participate in as a Lodge. The Grand Master will be visiting Mt. Moriah on April 8 and we will have a practice to prepare for the visitation on Sunday April 5 at 11 A.M. As always I hope health happiness and prosperity follow you and your families. I look forward to sitting in Lodge with you in the very near future.

Patrick Welsh W.M.

The chairs in the west, with jewels and aprons waiting.

It is exciting to see the young DeMolay men in the building again. Thank you to all those who helped make their meeting last month a success. As we celebrate DeMolay’s return I would like to also point out the approach of the end of the school year. Each year we award a scholarship to one or two deserving seniors from Basic High School.

If you are looking for a good cause to donate to then please consider helping support this scholarship. As always, I look forward to seeing you in lodge and do not forget to give me a call if you want to practice any degree work.

On the Level,
Eric Holder
Senior Warden

The Junior Warden's Station in the South, with jewel, apron, gavel, and pillar.

Greetings from the South!


As this year is flying by, I take time to reflect how blessed I am by such great support from the Brothers and their families. The challenges of making our lodge an eating destination (at least for two days of the month – 1st & 3rd Wednesday) for good nourishment and great conversations would not be possible without the constant support . “Food and Fellowship” continues to be a great time with good attendance, delicious food, and great conversations. April 1, I will be serving hamburgers, chips, salad and dessert. Our family dinner’s have been the place to be so don’t celebrate TAX DAY alone this year come on down to lodge as this month’s Family Dinner will be on the April 15th. We will be having ham, scalloped potatoes, vegetables, salad, and dessert.

Tony York
Junior Warden

The Secretary's Jewel

I’m happy to report our lodge is doing fine ritual work this year and we are gaining members and affiliate members and growing as a family. I hope to see more of you in regular attendance. It was good to see brothers from Ireland, present at our family dinner in March, to know that a brother can travel half way around the globe and not just be welcomed by men he doesn’t know, but to be welcomed as family is the true treasure of our fraternity. I hope to someday visit their lodge.


Mike Harris