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Mt Moriah #39 has the following events on the calendar for June. Please note the lodge does not hold any meetings from mid-June until the first Wednesday in September.

  • Wednesday – June 3rd: Dinner from 6:15-7. All Brothers, visiting Brothers, and prospects are welcome! Dinner will be a casual affair of burgers, fries, salad, and some treats.
  • Wednesday – June 3rd: Stated Business Meeting at 7:30. All Brothers and visiting Brothers are welcome.
  • Sunday evening to Monday, September 6-7, Annual Mt Moriah #39 Pool Party and BBQ courtesy of the Secretary. Continuing the annual tradition, the Secretary will host  a pool party starting on the evening of 9/6, continuing to Monday, 9/7. The party will be down on the Las Vegas Strip at a hotel. All Brothers and visiting Brothers would be welcome to RSVP to the Secretary. See the Contact Us page to email the Secretary.

The next official function of Mt. Moriah will be the stated business meeting on Wednesday, September 2nd. Dinner will be held from 6:15 to 7, followed by the meeting at 7:30.

The Worshipful Master's Station in the East.

My Brothers, so far, in my opinion we have enjoyed an excellent Masonic year. The Ritual Work has been good, the food and fellowship has been great and being able to be in Lodge with all of you has been outstanding.

As we go “dark” for the summer I hope all of you get a chance to rest, relax and spend time with family and loved ones. I also hope You have a chance to get out and spend some time enjoying the handy work of the Great Architect. I eagerly anticipate seeing all of you at the September Stated Meeting recharged and ready to move into the second half of our year. Have a great summer!

Patrick Welsh W.M.

The Chair in the South, with jewel, apron, pillar, and gavel.

Brethren, I bring you Greetings from the South:

If you have missed the last few family dinners, you have been missing good food, great fellowship, and a very exciting time in the life of our lodge. So, what can we do to help get you and your family to be part of it? I would love to talk to you about what has got us re-energized about our recent family meals – 702 355-5765!

As we go dark for summer, please plan for these 4 future events: June 3rd – Food & Fellowship – 630pm (Stated Meeting – 730); September 2nd Food & Fellowship -630pm (Stated Meeting – 730); September 6th Annual BBQ/Pool Party – all day; September 16th Family Dinner.

As a reminder the “Food & Fellowship” menu is Cheeseburgers/Hamburgers, fries, chips, salad and dessert. We look forward to seeing you; please arrive early, as I have to stop serving food at 7 so we can get into Lodge on time.

Our next family dinner will be September 16th and will be the annual “Chili Cook-off.” Bring in a crock of your best Chili ( or non-chili soup if you prefer) to share and we will provide salad, bread and dessert.

May your Summer be blessed and may your plans for June 3rd/September include the lodge as we seek continued Fellowship. It is already May and soon we will all be off enjoying the Summer and our tremendous weather. This month will be your last chance to join us for “Food & Fellowship”, Lodge, and family dinner until September. I hope your May plans include this Masonic Lodge and our calendar of events.

I take this part of my column to share a bit of education. In my pursuit of American History and especially Presidential facts, I have found myself a fan of President Theodore Roosevelt. I picked him several times for a variety of projects throughout my education but it is not until my masonic journey began that I recognized that he too was a Mason. I found it interesting that of all the facts that I came across and still can recall that one never popped out to me. But, now when I look back from my Masonic perspective that fact not only stands out but I appreciate his “Masonic Character” in his words, quotes and action from a different perspective due to my masonic journey. I leave you with this point: As we grow as educated Masonic men, it is always important to continue to grow and be open to new ideas, perspective and experiences.

MAY your masonic journey always be open to new education and experiences!

Tony York
Junior Warden

Antique Square and Compass on a white background

On Wednesday, May 27th, Mt. Moriah #39 raised a new Master Mason. Congratulations, Brother Anthony!

Mount Moriah #39 will raise a Master Mason on Wednesday 5/27 at 7PM. All Brothers and visiting Brothers are welcome.

There will be a practice for officers on Saturday, 5/23, at 8 AM.

At 6:30 on Wednesday we will hold our monthly fellowship dinner.

The Junior Warden has promised a BBQ feast this week of pork, chicken, and beef.

There is no charge, but donations are accepted at the event.

All Brothers, visiting Brothers, prospects, and friends are welcome!

Our Brothers at Silver Cord #51 will be holding a table lodge on May 23rd at 6:00PM at the Henderson Masonic Temple.

The menu will be Italian with lasagna, salad, garlic bread, berry cake, and a nice Italian wine.

The cost is $15 and tickets are available at the door.

Contact Silver Cord for more information.

Continuing the tradition, the Secretary will be hosting a pool party down on the Strip this summer.

Events will get started on Sunday night, 9/6, and the pool party will run all day Monday, 9/7, Labor Day.

For more information, contact the Secretary.

Holy Bible, Square, and Compass, arranged for the first degree on Psalm 133.

Come on down and see a new Mason made on Wednesday 5/13 at 7PM.
All Brothers and visiting Brothers are welcome!

The Worshipful Master's Station in the East with Jewel, Apron, and Gavel.


It has occurred to me recently how much is asked of the Master of the Lodge, from keeping a budget to ensuring a high caliber of degree work. From trying to keep Meetings relevant and interesting to greeting visiting Brothers and new friends. As I pondered these responsibilities, that I freely accepted, I was pleasantly greeted by the warm embrace of what to me completely represents the ” Beneficent influence of the Craft “. I have not felt overwhelmed, out of my depth or grasping beyond my means.

No my Brothers, it has been an experience quite to the contrary. The support, friendship and sublime goodwill that have been extended to me from all of you not only bolsters my resolve, but, most certainly ingrains upon me the importance of our Tenets in today’s world. I am humbled by your acquaintance and blessed by your friendship.

Patrick Welsh W.M.