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Antique Square and Compass on a white background

Mount Moriah #39 will be opening on the third degree this Wednesday, 3/16 for an educational lecture at 7 PM. All Master Masons are welcome to attend.

Masonic Square and Compass Pendant

Most Worshipful Mark Mancha, Grand Master of Masons in the State of Nevada visited Mt Moriah #39 on March 2nd for the Stated Communication.


The MW Grand Master of Masons in Nevada, his Corps of Officers, and the Master, Wardens, and Brethren of Mt Moriah #39 pose for a picture after his Official Visit.

The MW Grand Master of Masons in Nevada, his Corps of Officers, and the Master, Wardens, and Brethren of Mt Moriah #39 pose for a picture after his Official Visit.

The Worshipful Master's Station in the East.

Greetings from the East,

Brothers, we had another great George Washington dinner with our Brothers from Acacia Lodge #49. Thank you to all of the Brothers and families of Acacia that helped put together such a wonderful gathering.

During March, Mt. Moriah is honored to receive M. W. Mark L. Mancha, Grand Master of Masons in Nevada and his corp of officers on the 2nd for his official visit. Please join us for his visit at 7:30 pm with dinner prior to the meeting at 6:30.

Finally Brothers, we will be providing free child IDs for students of Laura Dearing Elementary School on March 3rd during a Family Night from 4-5 pm. If there are any Brothers that would like to help out during this event please let me know. Also, Nevada Reading week is from 2/29 – 3/4 and every school often has guest readers to help encourage students to read. If you are interested in being a guest reader for my school contact me and let me know the dates and times you are available.

I look forward to seeing you in lodge.

Eric Holder, WM

The chairs in the west, with jewels and aprons waiting.

I take this month’s column to call attention to the Scholarship Program/Fund and to ask for your support in raising money for our scholarships. The Nevada Grand Lodge supports lodges throughout the state by providing additional money to aid the local lodges in providing scholarships to college bond high school seniors. The Grand Lodge fund is only a supplemental to the funds that we dedicate to the program. Mt Moriah has a proud tradition of supporting Basic High School. As May and the annual Senior Awards Night is quickly approaching, it is that time of year again to ask for your help. Please search your hearts and commit to providing a monetary donation to the program.

As always the Secretary of the Lodge is willing to accept funds dedicated to scholarship and in addition the Master of the Lodge and his scholarship committee of Rite Worshipful Ogle, Worshipful Hales and myself are not only willing to assist but we will travel or work with you in collecting the funds. our phone numbers are on the back of this Trestleboard.

Tony York
Senior Warden

The Chair in the South, with jewel, apron, pillar, and gavel.


From the South, as we all know we have a GMOV this month, which is
highly anticipated. So I am going to keep this short and sweet. Per
request (well a few things), the Grand Masters’s menu will consist of the
following: Cole Slaw, Mixed Green Salad, Potato Salad, Hot Dogs, kielbasa links, 2
Chili’s (with & without) beans, Chicken with Grilled Peppers and Onions, Chips, Cheese & Sauerkraut. And we can’t forget GOOD FELLOWSHIP.

Also, the Family Dinner will be: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, And a host of
accompaniments (Chef Dia’s Style)

In closing, I’m gonna ask a few opened ended questions that we can all ponder in search of light in Masonry!!!

1. What’s the level of fellowship in your lodge?
2. Is your lodge really committed to Leadership Development?
3. Does your lodge have significant financial resources and support
4. Does your lodge control the quality of lodge leaders, (Relevancy)?
5. Does your lodge create an environment that inspires the will to
do more?

Dennis Ashley
Junior Warden

The Secretary's Jewel

From the Secretary,


The Annual “Pete-Buell” Super-Bowl Party was cancelled due to a health emergency but will resume in 2017. If you haven’t gotten your annual dues in you may find an
extra letter reminding you to do so this month, and please try to get them back as soon as possible.

Also I will mail or email the form for allowing us to know your position either way on masonic rites at your funeral someday, all info will be kept strictly
confidential until the appropriate time. My Sad duty to report that the following brothers have laid down their working tools:

  • Michael Bergemeyer PM
  • Richard Abajian
  • Larry Fust

Finally a reminder that some HTA board members have some bylaws changes proposed for the fall and you should receive more info in April.

Mike Harris PM
Secretary MM3