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Masonic Square and Compass Pendant

From the East
WM Dennis Ashley

Oh how good and pleasant It is to be back in the quarry with my Brothers! We have an exciting month ahead of us. It gives me great pleasure to announce our GMOV on September 5, 2018.

Also, several educational seminars, two proficiencies, a Master Mason Degree and an abundance of fellowship.

In conclusion, we are planning Mt. Moriah’s 70th year Anniversary on November 17th, 2018 at the MMT Building on Alta Dr. Formal invitations will be sent to all constituent Lodges for an accurate head count. Further details to follow in the coming weeks. I thank you in advance.

Your attendance regarding these matters are Earnestly recommended!

Dennis Ashley,
Worshipful Master

From the West
Bro Eric Willson

I  am excited to welcome you all back from the summer break.  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

Please take a little time to review your parts, if you have any.  Now is also a good time to look forward to next year and the parts you will be performing then.  Feel free to reach out to me or to any well-informed brother if you should need assistance.

Eric Willson
Senior Warden

From the South
Bro John Krikorian

What is a plumb line? It is a tool made of a cord with a heavy weight attached to the end. It is used by masons to test the perpendicularity of any vertical construct. The plumb line and the structure must be parallel, or it is not true.

Why did God say, I will set a plumb line in the midst of my people Israel? Because the plumb admonishes us to walk uprightly in our several stations before God and man.

For the speculative mason, this means that we must always be in accord with what is true. This is so even when we are in the sight of our friends, or in the sight of no other people at all, which would mean we are solely in the view of the Divine Architect.

Adam Smith, the author of the Wealth of Nations, as well as The Theory of Moral Sentiments tells us that man desires “to be loved and to be lovely.” This means that not only does man require the respect and friendship of his comrades, he also desires to be worthy of that love, respect, and companionship. Every day in Masonry, we should ask ourselves if we are worthy of such a thing and if not, which is often the case, how we can improve to be so? This is core to Freemasonry.

John Krikorian
Junior Warden

From the Secretary
Bro Larry Kesler, PM

Here’s an event that has come to my attention that I thought that any Patriotic person would possibly want to attend.

The next Honor Flight Welcome for Southern NV Welcome Home is scheduled for Sun 9 Sept Suggest meeting at 3:30 pm · McCarran International Airport 2nd level – bring Flags and Welcome Home signs.

Larry G. Kesler, Sec.

A drafting board and tools

Mount Moriah #39 will have the following events for September 2018.

  • Wednesday, September 5 starting at 6:30PMDinner in honor of the Grand Master of Masons in Nevada, Most Worshipful Mark A Marsh. Stated Meeting and Grand Master’s Official Visitation to follow at 7:30. Dinner is open to all Brothers, visiting Brothers, and prospective members. The Meeting is open only to current and visiting Brothers. Edited to add: The Grand Master’s visit has been cancelled. However the Lodge will still have dinner at 6:30 with the Stated Meeting to follow at 7:30.
  • Wednesday, September 12 at 6:30PM – Mount Moriah #39 will be having a family dinner at 6:30. All Brothers, visiting Brothers, family, friends, prospective members, and invited guests are welcome.
  • Wednesday, September 19 starting at 7PM – Mount Moriah #39 will hold a MM proficiency at 7, followed by a FC proficiency. After the proficiencies are complete, the Lodge will again tile on the MM degree for a lecture by Brother Joseph Panek on The Ancient Mystery Schools: The Original Inspiration and Guidance For Modern Freemasonry. Accordingly, this lecture is only open to Master Masons.This lecture will cover:
    • What were the Ancient Mystery Schools?
    • The Lessons and Disciplines taught at the Ancient Mystery Schools.
    • Why were the Ancient Mystery Schools the forerunner of modern Freemasonry?
    • Modern Masonry and Education
    • A template for developing a Master Mason’s Forum
  • Wednesday, September 26 at 7PM – Mount Moriah #39 will hold a Master Mason’s degree at 7PM. The degree is open to all current and visiting Master Masons.