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Keir Hales, Senior Warden, 2013


For me, Masonry in the second half of the year is a special time. After a rejuvenating Summer break, the second half of the year is a time when I can really excel at my station. Having learned the lines for my seat during the first half of the year, I can start to focus on the seat above me. Having spend the first half of the year getting proficient and comfortable with my lines, It is a time to polish ritual, and really start to enjoy the degree work. It is a time to learn other parts, like the apron lecture, or the prayers, or parts of the charge. It is a time to do some masonic reading and chase some masonic thoughts and ideas and see where they lead.

However, we have suffered from dwindling numbers in the second half of this year, to the point where I have struggled just to fill enough seats to open lodge. Brethren, we need to renew our commitment, do some self evaluation and adjust our cable tow if necessary. Masonry is for the betterment of ourselves and our brothers. We cannot achieve that goal with half-hearted participation.

Keir Hales
Senior Warden

Pat Welsh Jr, Junior Warden 2013

Brethren the Holiday Season is upon us and my tenure as your Junior Warden is rapidly approaching its twilight. Our Family Dinner in November will be a pot-luck style traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. The Lodge will be providing the succulent, moist and roasted to a golden brown, Turkeys. I am asking those brothers who will be attending to please bring the mashed potato’s , gravy, vegetables,breads, etc…. We will also be needing pies, whip-cream or any other dessert that suits  your fancy. This partial list is only a suggestion, if there is a particular dish you grew up with or something your family traditional serves to celebrate Thanksgiving please bring it and share it with your brothers. Please co-ordinate what you will be bringing through myself so we have a balanced cornucopia of blessings to choose from at our table.

Please bring to Eric Holder’s attention, the name, age and gender of the children twelve and under that you will be bringing to this years Christmas Party, this information is essential so that all children can be recognized with a gift from Santa. We will also be collecting non-perishable food items to support our local food banks which provide needed assistance to our community.

My Brothers, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of you for allowing me to serve you and our Lodge as your Junior Warden this year, it truly has been my pleasure.

Patrick Welsh
Junior Warden

Masonic Square and Compass Pendant

The Stated Meeting will take place this evening at 7:30.

Holy Bible, Masonic Square and Compasses

This Wednesday, October 30th at 6 PM we will have an HTA meeting, followed by education.The topic of this week’s education is an Introduction to the Hebrew Alphabet, by Worshipful Brother Robert Kaltenbach. Education will start immediately after the conclusion of the HTA meeting.

Date Reminder

Here are the remaining events for October. Come out and support our Brothers in their degree work!

Wednesday, October 16th at 7PM
Third Degree Proficiency

Wednesday, October 23rd at 7PM
Fellowcraft Degree

Brother Isaias Vargas, Worshipful Master 2013

Greetings Brethren,

First of all I would like say Thanks to all that made our Homecoming GMOV a huge success. Thanks to the Past Masters, and the Brethren for the gifts given to our MW Mike Hoaglin.
I welcome Bro. Steven Kesler to our Fraternity, and with the assistance of his coach as well as others I have no doubt concerning his progression.

The second Wednesday will be our Family Dinner, and the third and fourth Wednesdays will be called communications and we are planning on hearing proficiencies this month from brother Justin Costa from Boulder City Lodge and Eugene Oneal of MM39 and potentially confer the FC degree upon them.

The last Wednesday will be the HTA meeting followed by an educational lecture of the Hebrew Alphabet by brother Bob Kaltenbach. Please keep brother Tom York the father of our brother Tony York, who is suffering Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Our brother Michael McElwain has lost his father our brother Tom McElwain, please keep his family in your prayers.

I would like to remind you all of Grand Lodge in November, I’ll be in attendance as well as other officers, if you have a chance to attend please do, its a great learning experience in addition to the Fellowship.

Fraternally and Sincerely,
Isaias R. Vargas JR.
Worshipful Master

Keir Hales, Senior Warden, 2013


This past week we were pleased to hear from Robert Kaltenbach who discussed some of the origins of Masonry, and brought several books for our consideration. It turns out the Regius Manuscript (also known as the Halliwell manuscript) was written about 1390 a.d. and is the oldest Masonic document in existence. It lays down the basic structure and rules of the operative stonemason guilds in the middle ages. It consists of a poem of 15 moral duties, 15 points of pleural constitutions and the art of geometry and 4 crowns. It is unusual because it was written as a poem. Although libertarian, it was written when Roman Catholicism prevailed in England. It includes much of the legendary “history” of Freemasonry and was most likely interpreted in poetic form by a monk who was inspired by even earlier masonic writings that no longer exist.

The original document is written in Old English language that difficult to understand. This is a translation made of it by James Halliwell in 1840. It is preserved in the British Museum in London and was donated to the museum 1757 by King George II.

We are but links in a long and noble chain.

Keir Hales
Senior Warden

Pat Welsh Jr, Junior Warden 2013


The summer season is rapidly ebbing and the CHILI weather is upon us! The October family dinner will be an old fashioned chili cook-off. The Lodge will provide the fixin’s, cornbread, sourdough bread, soda crackers, tortillas, sour cream, onions, and of course cheese. We need brothers with a culinary flare to bring in the best pot of home made chili they can create, and we will have some good-natured competition and camaraderie. There are multiple categories to be judged and prizes to all the winners. So whether its vegan or all meat, spicy Tex-Mex or Georgia sweet, bring yours in so we can all have a taste!!

The Fall also rings in the beginning of the Holiday Season, so please contact the J.W. or Secretary and let them know the names, ages and gender of children 12 and under, that may accompany you to this years Christmas Party. We want to be sure Santa brings enough gifts, and spells names correctly. As the temperature drops lets not forget those less fortunate than our families! Again we will be collecting new and used clothing and non-perishable food items to support the many in need who come to our local community food pantries.

Patrick Welsh
Junior Warden

WB Mike Harris, PM, Secretary 2013


October is upon us and that means the first of two readings of the proposed resolutions of Grand Lodge and I encourage you to attend and perhaps give feedback on this years 4 resolutions, which will be voted on by our members following the second reading at the stated meeting in November.

This month also holds a day dear to my heart as the 19th is my ten year wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife Nancy. We will be celebrating with a week vacation and unfortunately I will miss the Chili Cook Off, have fun.

I hope you all can make it to at least one meeting this month, maybe to hear a proficiency or witness a brother receive the second degree.

Also, I will be getting dues notices out this month and as a reminder of our bylaws, your 2014 dues are due upon the stated meeting of December 2013.

Also if you would be so kind as to mark your calendar for our installation of officers both elected and appointed to serve for the ensuing year of 2014 to be held the 11th of December 2013 at 6:30PM.


Mike Harris PM

Trestleboard of Designs

The Stated Meeting will open at 7:30 P.M., the first Wednesday of each month All Called Communications this year will begin at 7:00 or as announced.

October 2nd

  • Wednesday; 7:30 pm: Mt Moriah Stated Business meeting.

October 9th

  • Wednesday; 6:00 pm: Mt. Moriah Fellowship Dinner. This month will be the Chili Cook Off Contest.

October 16th

  • Wednesday, 7:00pm: As Called–Anticipated Fellowcraft Degree–Check back.

October 23rd

  • Wednesday, 7:00pm: As Called–Anticipated FellowCraft Degree–Check back.

October 30th

  • Wednesday, 6:00pm: Henderson Temple Association Trustees meeting followed by Masonic education.